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The organisers of LANKALIVESTOCK 2017 – Sri Lanka's No. 1 International Feed & Livestock Production Exhibition are pleased to announce the participation of three leading livestock sector companies from Taiwan - Lu Shyong Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., Suncue Company Limited and Tah-An Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

The three companies will be present as part of the Taiwan Pavilion at the upcoming inaugural expo for the feed and livestock sector which will take place from 20-22 July 2017 at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre (SLECC) in Colombo. Along with country participation from Taiwan, there will also be pavilions from China, India, Turkey, Korea, Malaysia and more.

    Lu Shyong Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.    
    Established in 1986, Lu Shyong Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. specialises in making power sprayers. It also provides OEM cooperation service, new products and spare parts. Its products include the LS-715 Grease Free Portable Power Sprayer. Designed to be light and portable, it is built with a high performing 4-pole electric motor with direct coupling for efficient power transport. The company also deals with high pressure pumps and accessories under the WHALE BEST brand. Lu Shyong has played an important role as a power sprayer manufacturer in Taiwan and the world.    
    Suncue Company Limited    
    Suncue Company Limited manufactures high quality and efficient grain dryers. After 50 years of being in the business, it ensures a uniform drying result in its yield with minimal broken grains, and with the best taste. Its grain dryer products are also eco-friendly and help cut costs as various types of fuels can be used, especially for the process of burning rice husk in its biomass furnace. Suncue’s products are an excellent choice for both rice and wheat farmers.    
    Tah-An Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.    
    Tah-An Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a GMP pharmaceutical firm that produces veterinary medicine, serving economic and companion animals. Keeping the core principle “step by step with mutual trust” in mind, Tah-An’s mission is always to offer excellent-quality pharmaceuticals for farmers. Operating since 1966, the company places priority in Research & Development, creativity, and innovation. Besides focusing on customer services, Tah-An is targeting to foster a friendlier environment with better care for animal friends.

    LANKALIVESTOCK 2017 will set the stage for suppliers of agriculture, feed and livestock production equipment and supplies to meet farmers, plantation owners, feed producers, veterinarians, processors and integrators in the fast-growing Sri Lanka livestock market. The expo will complement the growth of the animal husbandry, grain and feed production, aquaculture and agriculture sectors, as demand is projected to rise.

If you are looking to expand your business in the livestock production industry, be sure to book your LANKALIVESTOCK’17 booth today. Contact Mr Darren at darren@ambtarsus.com or Ms Charley at charley@ambtarsus.com / Tel: (603) 2692 6888 for a quotation.

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